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About GRFC

The «General Radio Frequency Centre» Federal State Unitary Enterprise  («GRFC») was established pursuant to  Government of the Russian Federation Decree No. 1002 dated 25.12.2000 "On the State Radio Frequency Service under the Ministry for Communications and Information Technology of the Russian Federation" and Directive No. 627-р dated 14.03.2001 of the Ministry for State Property Management of the Russian Federation "On the establishment of a "General Radio Frequency Centre" Federal State Unitary Enterprise"".

The GRFC is part of the Radio Frequency Service, which is managed by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor).

At present, the GRFC is a sectoral expert review centre that supports performance of  functions assigned to the Radio Frequency Service by the Federal Law "On Telecommunications" (Federal Law No. 126-FZ dated 07.07.2003) and the Government of the Russian Federation Decree "On the Radio Frequency Service"  (Government of the Russian Federation Decree No. 434 dated 14.05.2014), as well as Roskomnadzor's principal monitoring, supervising and regulatory functions in the field of telecommunications, news media, and mass communications.

The GRFC operates to perform organizational and technical work to ensure proper use of radio frequencies and radio frequency channels, civilian-use radio electronic facilities and/or high frequency devices, conduct technical evaluations within its core work areas, and participate in providing government services.

The GRFC has the necessary technical facilities and expertise to ensure high-quality performance in:

  • performing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) calculations to evaluate electromagnetic compatibility of submitted radio electronic facilities with existing and/or planned civilian-use radio electronic facilities and radio electronic facilities of foreign countries;
  • identifying the need and preparing documents for international legal protection of frequency assignments or radio frequency channels;
  • evaluating usability of submitted radio electronic facilities and electromagnetic compatibility thereof with existing and/or planned radio electronic facilities within the allocated frequency bands and rendering findings based on EMC evaluation results;
  • establishing whether ship radio stations installed on sea-going ships, river-sea vessels, and inland waterway vessels are in compliance with the international communications treaties to which the Russian Federation is a party and rendering findings regarding compliance thereof with laws of the Russian Federation on telecommunications;
  • forming call signs for identifying civilian radio frequency facilities (in the fixed service, the broadcasting service, the maritime mobile service, the standard frequency and time signal service, and the amateur service).

The GRFC also coordinates the use of radio frequencies during major public events, including international ones, such as forums, exhibitions, sports events, etc.). 

The GRFC assets ownership rights are exercised by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology, and Mass Media and the Federal Agency for State Property Management.